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I'm currently in Columbia, SC for Banzaicon! It's my first time
at this particular con, so I'm excited to see everything! I'm hoping it will be as fun as the other cons I've been to so far. It's actually been months since I've been to a con... XD

Any replies replies, like usual, will be a little late. Thank you for understanding. :3

  • Mood: Delighted
It's been awhile! Well, it's been awhile for me at least.

I'm sorry to everyone I replied way late to... It sadly can't helped. Since  my laptop stopped properly working, I've been using my sister's iPad. She's now not letting me use it much because she thinks I'm the reason it's loading slowly (blame our connection, not me... lol). Until I can get something new to use to update, replies and such will be slow.

Things are much better here! The problem isn't gone, I don't see it leaving either, but things are looking up for now. I'm feeling much better mentally. Not as much physically.... Stupid me and getting sick constantly. >.<

I'll try my best to keep you guys updated and reply as soon as possible.

Now back to playing Xillia 2! This game has taken a lot of my time recently... I love it! I liked the first game a lot, but this one is sooo much better. Ludger is awesome, and I cannot wait to unlock his voice! 

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Let's Look For Shiny Pokemon by Painted-Heart
Let's Look For Shiny Pokemon
Another artwork from me that actually HAS a background? What is this magic? o3o Well, it's not really a new art. It's been overdue for uploading for months now... XD;

Here's my Pokémon OC, Emma, in a mix of original art and fanart! I figured she deserved some love since she is one of my oldest OCs, and it had been forever since I actually drew her. The Pokémon in this picture are NOT hers. There is actually some story behind this picture and the shiny Pokémon shown here.

I am a huge fan of shiny Pokémon. I've been a fan of them since an old friend showed me his shiny Psyduck, which he traded to me, back in 2007. They are rare, and I never could find any... until 2009. I'd given up for the day and decided just to play my Emerald. When I went out into the grass near Lilycove, a shiny Wingull appeared!

Since I found my very first shiny, I've become a shiny hunter. Shiny Skitty is one I'd really love to find as it is my favorite Pokémon, surprisingly, and I love the colors of it's shiny form more than the original colors. It's a dream shiny I hope to get one day. Eevee was also one I really wanted. I finally got one just a short few months ago, and I evolved into my favorite Eeveeution, Umbreon.

I guess your starting to see the pattern now? All three of these shiny Pokémon have a special meaning to me. That's why I decided to draw this picture. My fondness of shiny Pokémon inspired me! Of course, I did leave the second Wingull in the picture as it's regular form because it'd be too odd if both were shiny. At least that's how I see it.

This is personally one of my favorite artworks I've done! :aww: Doing the background was hard since I literally suck at doing them, but I'm definitely okay with the simple-ish one I did! I'm just really happy with the end result since I worked hard to make this picture how I wanted it to look~!


Programs ~ Paint Tool SAI

Skitty/Wingull/Eevee (C) Game Freak, Nintendo
Emma & Artwork (C) Painted-Heart


Comments are much appreciated! Heart Flames are not, please respect that!
Princesss Tutu by Painted-Heart
Princesss Tutu
My first fanart for Princess Tutu! The title is so original, am I right? XD I really don't have a name for the picture right now...

This was one of the very first anime I watched when I was younger. I absolutely love the anime! I just had to do a picture for it. It's not quite how I wanted it, but I'm happy with how it turned out in the end. :3

This was actually done a few months ago, but I'm a little behind on uploading artwork. ^^;


Princess Tutu (C) Junichi Sato, Shogo Koumoto, Hal Film Maker
Art (C) Painted-Heart


Comments are much appreciated! Heart Flames are not, please respect that!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
On Hiatus.

Thank you for all the support! The comments, favorites, watches, and everything else is much appreciated! It motivates me to keep going! You guys are the best! >w<

Emma's the name, weird is the game. I'm far from ordinary.

I'm 20 and live in Virginia. The middle of nowhere. Whoop. :/

JRPGs and Anime are my favorite things ever as that's really the only things I like when it comes to things to do. Oh! I love to draw too! I'm not great at it, but it's fun and not something I completely horrible at since I can't do crap without being awful at it. Woo!! *bricked and shot to death*

I'm shy. Oops. I don't bite though! Well, not always.

Nothing can ever come between me and the Tales series. NOPE.

If I favorite your art or watch you, it means I absolutely love your art to death! It can also mean I want to be friends... ^^

Requests: N-E-V-E-R. NEVER.
Art Trades: Ask me about them!
Collabs: Friends only!
Gifts: Friends only!

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