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Thank you for all the support! The comments, favorites, watches, and everything else is much appreciated! It motivates me to keep going! You guys are the best! >w<

x - Emma's the name, weird is the game. I'm far from ordinary. - x

x -I'm 21 and live in Virginia. - x

x - JRPGs and Anime are my favorite things! Especially Tales and Pokemon! - x

x - I am a shiny hunter! Shiny Pokemon are epic! <3 - x

x - Nothing can ever come between me and the Tales series. NOPE. - x

x - If I favorite your art or watch you, it means I absolutely love your art to death! ^^ - x

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WARNING: If you don't like rants, please do not bother commenting and just ignore this.

I'm sure most of us have been involved in a fandom at some point, right? Well I have a question to anyone who has been a part of one at some point.

Have you ever had someone/something nearly or completely ruin a fandom for you?

When it comes to series I like, I tend to stay away from the vast majority of the fandom. The reason for this is because I was in a fandom, which I won't name as I don't want to start anything, that wasn't very kind to people if even the slightest thing between two OCs was even a little similar. This is a problem that plagues a lot of fandoms, some more than others.

Of course I haven't fully stayed away from fandoms. I'd like to the think that the Pokemon fandom, while huge, had been one of the more welcoming ones I've had any part in. Sure it has problems like any other fandom, but I feel welcomed rather than pushed away.

However, sometimes a fandom can suffer as it gets bigger and bigger. That is where is question comes into play for me. Now I hate to rant over things, but I do feel like I need to get this off my chest before I get even more stressed about it.

As most of you know, I love the Tales of Series. It's my favorite games series to date, and I have loved many of the games this series had offered me. It's thanks to Tales that I started coming out of my shell and actually talk to people about the series instead of just lurking (like on pages or groups on Facebook). However, I learned today just how... toxic some of the fandom had gotten since I first got into the series back in 2010.

Lately I've actually made comments on posts in both groups and pages. This is something I've never done because I am extremely shy and have social anxiety (a bad combination). I've only been able to these things because I've mostly felt welcome on these pages or in these groups. Until today, that is.

There is this person, I'm not giving out his/her name, that I had on my friends list on Facebook. I knew this person was known for being someone to stay away from in the fandom. However, I gave the person a chance because that's what I believe people should do. I try to be nice and give people the benefit of the doubt.

This person is an admin on a Tales page I had liked on Facebook. Key word: had.

A question was asked on the page, so I answered it like everyone else. With a question like this, of course it would all come down to opinions. Oh yeah, it's the internet! Opinions are irrelevant, am I right? I knew part of my opinion was something probably very few people agree with. That's okay because it's only my opinion. Disagreeing with my opinion is okay! What's not okay is what this admin did. He literally just laughed at what I said. That's pretty messed up.

If he had given some reasons why he/she didn't agree with me, I'd totally be cool with this because we all have different opinions. I just don't care for the way he/she just acted like my opinion was stupid enough to laugh at. I did do what I felt necessary and just left the page (I deleted and blocked the person as well). I just can't support a page that lets a person still be an admin they abuse that power as well as well as harass anyone who has a different opinion and just wanted to share it when they've been asked to. 

Point of the matter is that this person is not the only one in this fandom like this. He/she may be notorious in the fandom, but there are definitely others besides him that just s*** on other people's opinions like their opinion is the only right one. I've been pushed slightly away from the fandom at times, but never have I felt this negative about the fandom.

I know I shouldn't let one guy ruin it, but it's hard when you already have problems. This just made me want to curl up and go right back to the shell I was once in. That's not a good thing. The feeling of anxiety over just typing a few words is something I've always suffered through. I don't want to go to it being so bad I can't even be apart of conversations.

Anyone else had an experience like this? I hope no one has.

Sorry for this rant...

  • Mood: Angsty

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